Time as the third dimension


Once upon a time, I stumbled upon the work Urban flow of Adam Magyar. He let people pass in front of a camera that record one pixel wide images and paste all that together to create a weird panoramic effect.

From Adam Magyar

I told to myself :”You could easily do that kind of things with any video and G’mic, just keep a one pixel wide portion of each image and paste. By the way, you have already done it.”

One pixel wide portion

Providing that you have enough memory in your computer, keeping “a one pixel wide portion of each image” to make another one is pretty easy. Ex, to keep portion number 123:

gmic *.png -columns 123 -append x

One can select conveniently the portion to keep by using G’mic 3D viewer. Build your 3D parallelepiped by appending everything in the Z direction:

gmic *.png -append z

The 3D viewer shows 3 plane cuts of the 3D image: XY plane at upper left, YZ at upper right and XZ at lower left.

Here below is what I have done in the garden.

And here what I have done with Kylie Minogue’s video.

Click to see the whole image.

Going further

Once I had played with images in the YZ plane, I began to make some other plane cut. For example, to cut at 45 degrees a pack of images:
gmic *.png -a z -permute xzyc -rotate 45 -permute xzyc -slices 50%

Below is a video showing plane cut rotating around the Z axis:

Here, the original video is rebuilt with a plane cut whose orientation varies randomly. It makes that at each instant, some part of the image belong to the future and some to the past.

The above video has been made with that ugly G’mic macro.

I have done other things with the same idea, but they are even worse.


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